We are taking the COVID-19 pandemic very seriously and have been working hard to develop and implement new policies and procedures. Below is a snapshot highlighting our new and existing procedures:

* Daily rental reservations limited to 12 people per every half-hour
* Weekly Guided Tours will be limited to 14 participants + MKC staff (20 or less total)
* “Good Morning Sunshine” (7am) guided paddles limited to 6 participants + 1-2 MKC staff
* “Mid-Day City Sights & Sounds” (11am) guided paddles limited to 6 participants + 1-2 MKC staff
* Waivers are digital (Smartwaiver) – no pen/paper
* Sanitizer throughout MKC: 70% alcohol-based sourced from Lakefront Brewery
* We operate 99% outdoors
* We encourage 6′ social distancing
* All life jackets and paddles are sanitized after each use.
* Specific “Sanitizing Station” for used life jackets and dry bags.
* All boats (kayaks, canoes and paddleboards) are disinfected and/or sanitized after each use
* All MKC staff wear masks and may wear gloves
* MKC staff area is flagged off and used specifically for staff only
* There is ample waiting room in the boatyard near MKC for participants
* Look for our new way-finding signs to help direct and answer questions before check-in
* New kayak dock and self-service launch installed this year! We are always available to assist but this option has been working well – so exciting!

Things will be different, in a good way. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please give us a call or send an email anytime:
(414) 301-2240

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